August 15, 2018

Talent Acquisition


Irrespective of Industry, the scale of business, size of business – talent is the single most important factor without which no organization can imaging success. The world has become smaller due to the worldwide expansion of information technology which has not only opened doors to new opportunities but also engaging best talent for our business needs but still, talent acquisition is the single most difficult verticals.

Getting the right candidate for a given role be it technical or non-technical is a time consuming and at times costly task for organisations if they deploy their own HR resources to find the candidates which exponentially increases the cost of acquiring talent; i.e. why talent acquisition firms step into the picture because they have required infrastructure, technology, talent pipeline and relevant network to help in identifying and acquire good talent at fraction of the cost which also is variable as organisation do not need to keep full-time resources working on that.

WHY Xenial iQ?

We have integrated solution for talent acquisition which is integrated with best of technology, recruiters, databases, network, social media and job board presence. This not only helps in expediting the overall process but also the quality of the talent acquisition process is maintained at much higher standards.


  • Job description development support
  • High RoI Talent Acquisition
  • Talent on-boarding process support
  • Specialist Services for Executive Search
  • Middle Management Talent Acquisition Solutions
  • Bulk Hiring & Walk-ins support