August 13, 2018

HR Consulting

HR Consulting - XenialiQ

The common factors of large business organization across the globe in the last two decades or more are that they were able to attract, motivate, and retain the best talent.

As per our proprietary study on successful businesses and their work culture gives us a compelling reason is that compensation services for right talent are going to be one of the most critical elements for all the organization be it small or large.

Stakeholders want maximization of profits on their investment and attracting and retaining the right talent. Human capital is one of the low hanging fruit which can be materialized by any size of the organization or as a matter of fact for start-ups also.

Information travels at the speed of click on the internet, your best talent knows their worth and they have easy tools and benchmarking data available at their disposal to compare and demand or churn out of your organization.

WHY Xenial iQ

Xenial iQ, is one of the deep insight bearers on the subject matter. We help our client in arriving at the right organization structure and ensure that their compensation strategy research data-driven relevant for their industry is benchmarked in the right context. We work with our clients and help in bridging the critical gap between company goals and employees needs and aspirations.


  • Executive Compensation Benchmarking
  • Total R&R Strategy designing and implementation support
  • Relevant Benchmarking
  • Functional Effectiveness Measurement and Improvement
  • Compensation Normalisation Strategies
  • CTC, Variable Compensation, Functional Compensation Strategies & Support